Citi's Client Connection Manager that can filter 1000s of OMS clusters in realtime


Citi is a global investment bank and financial services company. For decades they have helped Traders execute orders through their trading infrastructure. They believe that stability and security are critical features of this service. For the last 20 years since electronic trading became commonplace, their internal systems have become more and more complicated just like every other sell side broker.

To achieve the best prices for customers, an order passing through Citi's internal systems gets broken up and passed through dozens of proprietary order management systems (OMSs). Each OMS cluster has its own dashboard designed for that particular OMS. The first OMS cluster is the direct connection to the client, and Citi has thousands of these OMSs.


performance characteristics


increase in stability


reduction in costs


As the number of orders grew throughout the day, Citi was struggling to display all of them in the front end. As a result they couldn't see or inspect alerts after about 2pm. They desperately needed a front end with the performance to handle displaying the orders.


3Forge technology let Citi rebuild the exact dashboard they had previously but with 100X performance characteristics, and in a browser. Thanks to the browser based performance, new features are rapidly deployed to the client without installing desktop applications. On top of this, the hardware requirements were reduced by 90% dramatically improving stability and reducing costs.

The AMI Difference

3Forge has helped Citi to update their applications for the ever increasing demand to handle more data and analytics. As other OMS dashboards are converted to 3Forge, their ultimate goal of consolidating system front ends is now a reality. As a result they will be the first sell side broker to find a platform that would let them accomplish this ambitious goal for their traders.

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