Global Bank chooses 3forge to build its real time surveillance system


AMI provides trade support at this global bank through anomaly detection, real-time surveillance, and kill switch functionality.


anomaly detection rate


realtime surveillance feed uptime


increase in alerting speed


Support for equities trading requires combining automated alerts with user control - including the ability to shut down trading systems. Existing third-party applications and internal software could not address the volume of data, different transactional data stores, real-time rates, and defining correlations. This customer needed a single platform that detected anomalies, including slowdowns of order fills, executions, and other real-time factors with sophisticated alerting and the ability to take swift action.

The AMI Difference

AMI is the correlation engine, GUI and alerting workflow solution for this global bank. AMI collects data and handles filtering, searching, and sorting for heatmaps and other visualizations. Users can scan executions and drill down to the root cause across all data sources. The support team creates and distributes dashboards at will to monitor any portion of their trade flow.

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