This page has been deprecated. Please visit New 3forge Documentation for updated content.

Outbound Instruction Type - Object (O) 

Used to create facts about an object.


Required fields supplied by application


T: Object type for grouping objects


Optional parameters supplied by application


I: A unique string ID for the object used for updating the object later. Subsequent messages with the same object ID (I) and same running process ID (I) provided in the login (L) will cause an update.


E: Expires on; negative for how far into the future from the time of message receipt in AMI center and positive numbers are exact dates in the future based on Epoch time. Units are milliseconds


A: Associated alert ID (DEPRECATED)



In the below example, an "Order" object is created. This object has some custom parameters (|qty=1223|filled=13222|status="OverFill") and a lifespan of 100 seconds (E=-100000L).