Build your ideal data analysis environment

When it comes to analytics platforms, one size does not fit all.

Simpler, faster data access

AMI's real-time, in-memory database lets you visually navigate and manipulate the data in your database.

With its highly customizable interface, enhanced data modeling, and the ability to adapt to changing data types and workflow modifications, AMI can truly become any tool you need it to be.

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Control data flow

Queries can be dynamically generated to push only the information you want to see to your screen.

Set timeouts, limit table rows, query on startup, and more. Our state-of-the-art analytics engine lets you query any number of data sources simultaneously for unlimited and sophisticated analysis.

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Connect to data from everywhere

3Forge data modeler is a visual tool for chaining and organizing an unlimited number of data sources and workflows.

It cleanses and blends data as retrieved without the need for tedious data preparation, additional cubes, ETL, or data warehouses. While other tools fail to adapt to changing data types, AMI handles data and workflow modifications on the fly.

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Drill down to the smallest data points

Build relationships between any two visualizations to configure how actions or events in one impact the other.

Want to filter table data at will? Build relationships between forms and tables. Want to click on data points to see underlying information? Use relationships across an infinite number of charts to drill down to the microscopic details.

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Go from download to dashboards in minutes

With AMI, creating charts is just as easy as analyzing them.

Our platform is designed to facilitate every step of the data analysis process, so building front-ends from scratch takes hours, not weeks.

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Customize to the pixel

You're data, exactly how you want it.

Freely alter the look and feel of dashboards without the need for code to import and export style themes to establish a company-wide aesthetic.

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Keep everyone on the same page

Publish dashboards on the fly for immediate consumption by your collaborators.

You can increase the security surrounding your data by controlling permissions and access for specific users. Existing dashboards can also be mashed up to create new ones.