Global Bank

AMI provides trade support at this global bank through anomaly detection, real-time surveillance, and kill switch functionality.

Global Bank

Trade support demands a view of real-time market data, trading, and execution details. Traders and trade support teams alike want this on their desk, and we are finding new ways to use it every day. Executive Director - Institutional Securities Global Bank

The rundown

Support for equities trading requires combining automated alerts with user control - including the ability to shut down trading systems. Existing third-party applications and internal software could not address the volume of data, different transactional data stores, real-time rates, and defining correlations. This customer needed a single platform that detected anomalies, including slowdowns of order fills, executions, and other real-time factors with sophisticated alerting and the ability to take swift action.

The technical need

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Navigate underlying information

To help users navigate underlying information to see indicative trends and patterns.

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Capturing transactions

Capturing transactions and changing data types at the backend.

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Visualize alerts, trades

To visualize the full North American equities market data feed and correlate it with all alerts, trades, and executions.

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Real-time market data

Real-time market data approaching 60 thousand updates per second and no latency or overhead on the trade plant.

The AMI difference

AMI is the correlation engine, GUI and alerting workflow solution for this global bank. AMI collects data and handles filtering, searching, and sorting for heatmaps and other visualizations. Users can scan executions and drill down to the root cause across all data sources. The support team creates and distributes dashboards at will to monitor any portion of their trade flow.

Real Time Latency Dashboard - Morgan Stanley

3Forge AMI allows Morgan Stanley to display millions of data points in a single chart.

Client Connection Manager - Citi

3Forge has helped Citi to update their applications for the ever increasing demand to handle more data and analytics.

Audit Trail - Citi

3Forge has helped Citi to answer customer complaints in a timely manner. Their goal of reducing the time to and improving the quality of the responses to any issues that happen with orders as they are processed through Citi's internal systems is now complete.

Tier 1 Investment Bank

AMI is revolutionizing real-time trade monitoring for this tier 1 investment firm through zero latency speeds, seamless integration, and complete data transparency.

Cardinal Analytics

The CARI platform, powered by AMI, is a cloud-based credit risk information service from Cardinal Analytics.

Smart Finance

AMI is the real-time deployment, management, and monitoring tool for all of SmartFinance's developmental operations.


XOBI users real-time dashboard to analyze user trends, track sales performance, and manage support inquiries.

Global Bank

AMI provides trade support at this global bank through anomaly detection, real-time surveillance, and kill switch functionality.