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Tired of bending your data to templated platforms? Try a platform that molds to your data instead.

See why 3forge is the choice of industry leaders

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A Smarter Platform For Smarter Development

3forge is the full-stack, high-impact code platform with 100% flexibility and scalability, even for the most complex data sets.

Install the 3forge full-stack platform locally or in the cloud and you're ready to build powerful dashboards and applications. With our leave-the-data-where-it-is methodology, you can connect to static, real-time data sources and existing data lakes. Your data stays fully secure, as it never leaves your environment.

3forge Fullstack Platform

Three Components, One System. That's A Smooth Operator.

Web Graphic

Build real-time, browser-based dashboards with our performance-focused web server.

  • Create dynamic tables, charts, heatmaps, 3D maps, and more, all capable of rendering millions of data points without impacting performance.

  • Develop workflows and interactive user experiences using our adaptive custom scripting language.

Center Graphic

Harness the power of our in-memory columnar database, Complex Event Processor (CEP), and peta-byte scale DB.

  • Transform and process data in real-time with aggregations, joins, and unions.

  • Insert, update, and delete billions of records efficiently, with guaranteed messaging and synchronous on-disk storage.

Relay Graphic

Integrate data from various sources into a single, normalized virtual layer.

  • Seamlessly link multiple data sources and enrich data in real-time.

  • Manage data extraction, transformation, and uploads across different types of data sources.

360° Compatibility

Millions Of Rows. Thousands Of Columns. Only One Choice: 3forge.

3forge offers the world's fastest real-time tables and charts.

When it matters, choose the only platform that can deliver real-time data with scalability, even for the most complex data sets.

  • Have access to all your data with our leave-the-data-where-it-is methodology. An alternative to laborious traditional data integration and costly data lakes.
  • Thanks to our real-time streaming capabilities, visualize events and issues for trend analysis, anomaly detection, regulatory reporting and customer experience transformations.
  • Engage through collaborative team environments thanks to our dynamic user workflows.

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