Platform Overview

AMI is the only out-of-the-box Low-Code Application development Platform (LCAP) with performance at scale and 100% flexibility.

The 3forge Platform

Complete Enterprise Solution

World's Fastest Grids
World's Fastest Grids

With AMI, as data is streamed into our back-end database, it's immediately visible for real-time sorting, filtering, aggregation etc. No coding required.

  • Zero load time
  • Support millions of rows and thousands of columns
  • Update, search, filter millions of fields instantly
  • Dynamic aggregation with customizable formulas
Deep Charting
Deep Charting

Our charts support millions of data points.

  • Charts, Trees, Heat Maps, 3D Geographic Maps and more
  • Zoom
  • Drill-down
  • Parallel processing for fastest chart rendering (multi threaded)
Seamless Real-time Workflows
Seamless Real-time Workflows

Workflows with multi-user feedback allow you to automate business jobs and processes.

Escalate, share and solve issues across business units.

  • Compose complex query logic with cascading relationships and multi-variables
  • Generate derived data with aggregations, enrichments, joins and unions
  • Run multiple queries simultaneously
  • Extract, transform, and load (ETL)

360° Compatibility

Messaging/Feed Handlers
Source Control
Secure Key Management

How it Works

Install AMI
  • Under 5-10 minutes
  • Dependency-free setup
  • Cloud, on-premises, hybrid or as-a-service
  • Light processing power requirements
Integrate & Configure Data
  • Connect databases, real-time streams and proprietary apps
  • Use pre-built connectors and APIs
  • Discovery service integration for dynamic/elastic data sources
Build with No Code
  • Drag and drop 100s of pre-built widgets
  • Export/import layout templates as JSON
  • Customize via CSS
Add Code for Complex Logic
  • Build using SQL/Python/Java etc.
  • Load custom plugins
  • Rely on high touch support for advanced architecture (i.e. microservices)
Maintain, Adapt & Scale
  • Integrate layouts with source code to publish and maintain applications instantly
  • Add more users, data capacity in a few clicks with modular scaling
  • Add in-memory databases for distributed calculations of big datasets.
3forge never has access to your data, nor does it provide data.

Back & Front-End Development Under One Roof

3forge Architecture

Underlying Tech

Static queries, real-time streams and workflows power 99% of enterprise applications.

Static Query
Static Query

Query your databases and visualize historical information.

Real-time Streaming
Real-time Streaming

Connect your real-time streams to our platform for real-time updates.

User-Solicited Callbacks
User-Solicited Callbacks

Build collaborative and interactive workflows by inputting commands into your existing infrastructure. Your systems process them, and gets a response to your users.

Additional Resources for IT

Access our full technical overview, specific documentations and support to scale AMI across your organization.

Latest Releases

AMI is an ever-evolving platform. We constantly add features reflecting new standards and client requests.

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