Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a global financial broker providing connectivity to exchanges for other trading firms. They believe that low latency trading is important to their customers. Their goal is to provide latency statistics to their trade managers and customers.

Real Time Latency Dashboard

Other products have what I like to call 'Exponential Performance Issues' because they can't perform basic database type calculations. Anonymous Morgan Stanley

The rundown

Morgan Stanley was struggling to display real time trade data in a timely manner and complicated infrastructure changes inhibited their ability to produce comprehensive weekly reports for the senior management. As a result, dashboards would take more than 30 minutes to update and automated report generation stopped working all together. Creating reports manually was too time consuming to consider on a weekly basis. They needed a dashboard that could display larger amounts of data in a chart and a reporting tool flexible enough to adapt to their complex IT infrastructure.


3Forge AMI allows Morgan Stanley to display millions of data points in a single chart. Users can zoom in and the resolution is increased in a similar fashion to Google maps. In addition, because of the custom configurability of the data integration layer, all reporting was changed to 3Forge as well. Thanks to the performance and flexibility of 3Forge AMI, Morgan Stanley supplies their traders with real time dashboards for all of their customer's orders. In addition, aggregated reports are produced in the same dashboards. Now Morgan Stanley also uses 3Forge AMI as one-stop-shop for all reporting and dashboarding for trade latencies.

The AMI difference

3Forge AMI has helped Morgan Stanley to identify and fix issues that increased latencies at certain times. Once the full set of data was displayed in a single chart, the pattern was recognized and led to a successful investigation of the cause. This has happened several times. In addition, the tool has also allowed Morgan Stanley to rapidly respond to customer concerns about trade issues, such as stuck orders, and Morgan Stanley exceeded their expectations around transparency. Their goal to provide latency statistics to their trade managers and customers is now a reality. As a result, Morgan Stanley is able to maintain their position as the fastest trading platform on the street.

Real Time Latency Dashboard - Morgan Stanley

3Forge AMI allows Morgan Stanley to display millions of data points in a single chart.

Client Connection Manager - Citi

3Forge has helped Citi to update their applications for the ever increasing demand to handle more data and analytics.

Audit Trail - Citi

3Forge has helped Citi to answer customer complaints in a timely manner. Their goal of reducing the time to and improving the quality of the responses to any issues that happen with orders as they are processed through Citi's internal systems is now complete.

Tier 1 Investment Bank

AMI is revolutionizing real-time trade monitoring for this tier 1 investment firm through zero latency speeds, seamless integration, and complete data transparency.

Global Bank

AMI provides trade support at this global bank through anomaly detection, real-time surveillance, and kill switch functionality.