Solving data problems no other tool can

From disconnects between systems to intraday outages, we understand the toughest issues facing trade support teams. That's why our software is engineered to manage complex data and workflows from hundreds of disparate systems without disruption. Our job is facilitating your job so you can lower risk and make your clients happier.

How we do it

  • Keep your data structure

    Your current infrastructure is already big data; you just need the right platform to tie it all together. AMI's distributed architecture is uniquely designed to connect to all of your different data sources, workflows and existing systems to provide a single, encompassing view. Other tools consolidate your data by moving, duplicating or restructuring it into a centralized system. But this "rip and replace" model increases the probability of error. At 3Forge, we leave the data exactly where it is - only moving it on a need-to-use basis.

  • Ensuring data integrity

    Your data is critical for strategic decision making, marketing, compliance and customer consumption. Every batch job, ETL process and more increases the likelihood of errors. 3Forge gives you end-to-end visibility to spot check your data - providing peace of mind that your findings are accurate and verifiable. "Walk the audit trail" to the deepest corners of your data plant effortlessly.

  • Built for growth

    We believe the storage, blending and consumption of data is a fluid process of continuous improvement. Firms best positioned to leverage that change have the greatest potential for growth. Whether it's data migration, reorganization or a M&A corporate event, our product will adapt to these changes and give valuable insights along the way.

  • Sophistication with simplicity

    User interface and user experience design are the cornerstones of modern consumer front ends. We are committed to making data analytics and workflow management intuitive and accessible for our customers. This means making every step of the process from installation to reporting as straightforward as possible - proving that powerful software doesn't have to be complicated. Enjoy working with your data discovery tool.

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  • One place to see your entire business

    See why customers use AMI to achieve greater confidence in the accuracy of their data.

See for yourself

You want your business to thrive, and so do we. See a proof of concept or request demo.

See for yourself

You want your business to thrive, and so do we. See a proof of concept or request demo.