The high performance platform developers use to rapidly build enterprise applications.

Build. Visualize. React.

The high performance platform used by developers to rapidly build enterprise applications.

With 3forge, the power of your best developers is amplified. Meet the exact needs of your users in a fraction of time and roll-out a harmonized corporate GUI strategy.
We solve the world's most complex real-time streaming data challenges.

Trusted by global firms in critical use cases

Award-winning technology enabling rapid development and deployment of enterprise front-end applications with a focus on data integration, virtualization, processing and visualization.
Millions of events per second on 1 node
Scale nodes across your infrastructure
20% of daily US equity volumes
Transactions flowing through our Platform Installations
Over 100
Out-of-the box adapters from streaming APIS, datasources, GUI frameworks
Reliability thanks to our unique micro-subscription model
1,000 vs 100,000
Lines of code needed to build a trading application on 3forge vs in-house
Millions of rows, thousands of columns
Have access to all your data with our leave-the-data-where-it-is methodology. An alternative to laborious traditional data integration and costly data lakes.
Thanks to our real-time streaming capabilities, visualize events and issues for trend analysis, anomaly detection, regulatory reporting and customer experience transformations.
Engage through collaborative team environments thanks to our dynamic user workflows.

Why 3forge

Build limitless applications.
Rely on a powerful data virtualization layer,in-memory columnar database, event processor, message router and dashboard builder - designed for speed, efficiency and security.
Designed to integrate with existing systems.
Write and load custom plugins.
Easy setup with dependency free installs.
Auditable, granular data access control.

Meet exact user requirements.
Bring to life your data management, interactive workflow and design goals across data sources - regardless of volume, format or location.
Interact with data in a consolidated view with filters, triggers, alerts, constraints, timers, procedures and custom actions.
Manage big data without downsampling!
Utilize the fastest visual grid with millions of rows and columns
Customize dashboards with real-time tables, trees, charts, heat maps, 3D, geographical maps and dynamic forms.
Unify complex workflows under a single interface.

Make fast delivery your competitive edge.
Supplement your high-impact code with pre-built modules and dynamic design to significantly shorten release cycles, making iteration easy.
Integrate proprietary code.
Access a comprehensive library of pre-built adapters.
Handle unpredictable future requirements and updates.
Adapt to market demands fast.

Scale throughout your organization.
Add data and users with horizontal scaling. Say goodbye to load issues with network bandwidth, memory processing and appservers.
Low-overhead model.
For globally disperse enterprise infrastructures.
Avoid exponential cost structures.
Resource requirements independent of data size and growth rate.

Transform your bottom line.
Move away from costly, fragile and clunky front-ends. Streamline your IT front-end infrastructure with a high performance web-based interface.
Lightweight resource requirements - Fast performance even on a 2GB RaspberryPi.
Leverage built-in fault-tolerant tools mitigating the hidden costs of failure.
Reduce technology debt and its associated maintenance costs.
Supercharge your best back-end performers to reduce your front-end costs.

What will you build today?

3forge powers hundreds of sophisticated use cases. Below are a select few:
Order Execution
Improve trade execution with increased control of order routing and venue choice.
Audit Trails
Build a solution for staff to rapidly respond to customer calls.
DevOps Monitoring
Identify, verify, and modify configuration changes in real-time.

Our platform is renowned for its performance, trust and client-drive.

Hear from our clients

Industry: Capital Markets - IB Trading
Use Case: Order Execution
As a leader in electronic trading, we recognize the importance of independent bench-marking. STAC applies the type of rigor customarily limited to transactional systems to real-time dashboards and analytics. This provides us with the ability to monitor, analyze and effectively act on massive sums of moving data, which is central to our business, and the 3forge browser-based platform has continued to provide strong reliability as the sophistication, performance and volume of our trades increase year over year. Morgan Stanley Hank Hyatt Managing Director and Global Head of Algorithmic Trading Technology
3forge's platform is an amazing solution for analysing and monitoring the scale of real-time data required by a leading exchange like Eurex. Deutsche Börse AG Sebastian Neusuess Head of Xetra/Eurex Infrastructure Design & Analytics

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